Soprano Elena Plaza
Ludwig van Beethoven

«The Parting Kiss»

WoO 155, 26 Welsh Songs

The Parting Kiss


Laura, thy sighs must now no more
My falt’ring step detain,
Nor dare I hang thy sorrows o’er
Nor clasp thee thus in vain:
Yet while thy bosom heaves that sigh,
While tears thy cheek bedew,
Ah! Think tho’ doom’d from thee to fly,
My heart speaks no adieu.
Thee would I bid to check those sighs,
If thine were heard alone …
Thee would I bid to dry those eyes,
But tears are in my own.
One last, long kiss … and then we part,
Another and adieu!
I cannot aid thy breaking heart,
For mine is breaking too.


Text: William Smyth